What is Web Redirection?

Web redirection allows you to point your domain name at a website hosted elsewhere. For instance, you might already have a website hosted with your current ISP and you may want that to be accessible by entering your new domain name into a browser. We offer two levels of web redirection, standard and masked. All domains registered with us have access to both methods.

Standard redirection

This type of redirection takes the visitor to the destination site, but doesn't hide the destination site name, which then appears in the address bar of the browser. For example:


Notice that although www.standard-redirection.co.uk is the web address, the final destination address (our site in this example) appears in the browser's address bar.

Masked redirection

For a more professional look, masked redirection uses frames to hide the destination web address from the visitor, eg:


Notice this time that the www.frames-redirection.co.uk address remains in the address bar of your browser, and additionally the site title and meta tags can set set to make this site appear differently in the search engines. In fact to get listed in search engines, masked redirection is the preferred option over standard redirection.

If masked redirection is better, what use is standard redirection?

Standard redirection has its uses too. If for instance you had two domains say: yourdomain.com and yourdomain.co.uk you might want use standard redirection to redirect the .co.uk address to the .com website. Especially if you mainly promote your .com address and only require the .co.uk to catch those visitors that enter the wrong URL.