Price List*

Domain name registration and renewal fees
 £ 5.50 per year
 £ 11.00 per year
 £ 12.00 per year

 £ 9.00 per year
 £ 25.00 per year

(Prices for other domain types will be indicated when using the domain search tool)

Free services include:

(Free services are only provided for domains registered with us and will be terminated if they are transferred away)

Advanced Email - £10.00 per year

For customers that don't require full hosting we have this email only account, which includes the following:

  • SPAM Filtering
  • Unlimited email forwarding addresses
  • 10 POP3 mailboxes
  • Unlimited Autoresponders
  • SMTP server (using POP before SMTP authorisation)
  • 1 MByte of free web space
  • Web control panel
  • Server logs

Web hosting

We support a full range of web hosting accounts. Full details can be found HERE

What happens when my domain expires?

Domain expiration notices will be sent by email to the registered name holder prior to and following (where applicable) the domain name's expiry date.

A number of days after a domain has expired it will be deleted by the registry; for all domains except .uk names the domain will then enter Redemption Grace Period (RGP), at this point there is an additional fee to restore the domain. Domains remain in RGP for 30 days; after that they enter a Pending Delete state and are no longer restorable. They will then be fully deleted by the registry around 5 days later.

This table has more information:

Domain type Deleted Renewal fee when in RGP
.com/net/org/info/biz 40 days after expiry £80.00 + normal renewal fee
.eu On date of expiry £80.00 + normal renewal fee / 5 days after expiry Normal renewal fees apply
.uk 90 days after expiry. There is no RGP and the name is deleted immediately. No RGP; normal renewal fees apply
  • * VAT will be added to all orders from customers in the UK or EU