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Using Webmail

If you have an account that supports mailboxes, you can access your mail using our WebMail facility. The following instructions describe how you do this.

Before you start...

Before you can use WebMail you must have created a mailbox using our Web control panel - this is covered in our Online Help here. You will need the Mailbox name and Password from when you set up your mailbox. The mailbox name is usually the same as the email address for the mailbox, and the password is what you set when you created the mailbox.

Using WebMail

  1. WebMail is simply accessed from a special website at: just enter this address into a web browser (WebMail is also available as a link from the home page), you will then see a login screen, enter your mailbox name and password from when you created your mailbox, and click the Login button:

  2. If you haven't accessed this account before, you will be prompted for your full name and email address, this is what is used when you compose and send emails from WebMail. Fill this in and click the Submit button:

  3. You should now be in WebMail! You can send messages by using the Compose link and change your preferences by clicking on Options.

Mailbox Quota

Top left of your WebMail window will be the Mailbox Usage reading. This shows you how much of your mailbox quota has been used. When your mailbox is nearly full, you should take steps to delete messages to give you more room. Currently we cannot increase the total mailbox quota you have (although this may change in the future).

Why is my mailbox always empty?

If you also access your mailbox using another Mail Client (such as Microsoft Outlook) and you have set the account type in that to POP you will only see mail that hasn't been downloaded when you access WebMail. If you want to share access to a mailbox, then you should set the Account type to IMAP in your mail client - you will need to ensure that your mailbox doesn't get over-full though (see above).