What is Email Redirection?

Email redirection allows you to forward on email that is addressed to your domain to another email address. This allows you to have an email address at your domain without needing to change the way your PC reads mail.

Types of email redirection

We support three types of redirection:

catchall redirection
All mail to anyone at your domain will be forwarded on to another email address, ie:

The mail arriving at joe@anotherisp.com will still have the same To address, so you will be able to see who the message was originally intended for and filter it on your machine accordingly.

We don't recommend using this. Unfortunately these days a lot of SPAM is sent to random recipients at a domain name, and you will get a lot of SPAM is you use this feature. Even so, all domains come with this option, free of charge.

redirection of a single recipient to an address
With this option all mail to one person at your domain can be forwarded to another address. ie:

Only mail to joseph@yourdomain.com would be forwarded to joe@anotherisp.com. Mail to anyone else at your domain would go via the postmaster forwarding address as above.

Redirection for one recipient is available free of charge with all accounts. Standard forwarding offers five redirection addresses. Advanced forwarding and Low cost hosting offer unlimited redirection addresses.

domain forwarding
This is just a special form of postmaster redirection. Except that instead of forwarding to a single address, the recipient part is kept the same for the destination address. ie:

As with postmaster redirection, the mail arriving at *@anotherisp.com will still have the same To address.

To set this up, you set the postmaster recipient at your domain to forward to @anotherisp.com. ie: You forward to the domain part only. This works for all domains registered with us.

This suffers from the same SPAM problem as catchall redirection so we don't recommend using it.

Which accounts give me email redirection?

All paid accounts have an unlimited number of redirection recipients, the free services provide ten redirection recipients.